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Text From - Athens Volunteers Information and Co-ordination Group


A quick update on the situation on Lesvos

1) There is significant damage to the camp but thankfully no fatalities or injuries (as far as we are aware).

2) There is talk about moving people to ferry, 2 navy ships and tents - we will keep an eye on this - LINK 

3) Number of Covid-19 cases were rising. People had been quarantined - awaiting further information on next steps.

4) Currently many people are sleeping on the roads outside Moria.

5) 400 minors have been moved to the Mainland. Others are being/will be moved to other locations. There are still vulnerable women and children without any protection.


6) There have been attacks on NGO workers and clashes between locals and refugees.

7) The Greek Gov has declared a state of emergency on Lesvos, which likely means there will be extra military/police presence.


The situation is still uncertain and volunteers are asked NOT to descend onto Lesvos without connecting to key organisations below.


NGOs may prefer monetary donations (this is immediate and much more helpful during crisis periods) rather than volunteers as they will be unable to oversee new volunteers and/or guarantee health & safety.


Please connect with relevant groups that are already on the ground and who have a better overview of the circumstances to find out what the needs are through their FB pages.


When sending donations, please do NOT send to new fundraisers. As always, in crisis/tragedy circumstances, there will be unscrupulous people/groups trying to benefit. It is best to send to organisations that are already on the ground on Lesvos:

Key organisations are:

Kitrinos Healthcare

Stichting Bootvluchteling


Medical Volunteers International e.V.

Rowing Together

Médecins Sans Frontières Greece (MSF)| Γιατροί Χωρίς Σύνορα (ΓΧΣ)

Refugee 4 Refugees

Movement On The Ground

Together for Better Days

Dråpen i Havet

Starfish Foundation - Help for refugees on Lesvos

Other ways to help: Connect with / call your politicians and make some noise. One German state has already agreed to take 1000 people.

See this post from

Distribute Aid

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