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Who are we

Our group was founded in 2015 when two members volunteered in Kos, Greece.

During this experience, they realised the importance of solidarity and creative activities for children

We drew up a workshop plan and travelled back to Athens 6 months later to volunteer in a refugee camp. Since then our community has

delivered over 100 workshops across Athens to children and young people experiencing the immigration system in Europe. We have facilitated 3 summer arts scheme to children of refugee backgrounds in London and during Covid-19 delivered over 500 lockdown art packages to children living across London.

We are a community project and self fund through crowdfunding and donation's.



  • Deliver creative, inspiring and enjoyable workshops. 

  • Work collaboratively with communities.


  • Bring positive and meaningful interactions to all who welcome and work with us.

  • Be inclusive, respectful and understanding of all people.

Ethos ​

  • Our ethos is one of solidarity and self-organisation.


  • We connect with people and communities through the sharing of skills and joint experience.

  • We action this by supporting one another to achieve shared goals.

  • We believe in solidarity rather than charity and therefore are a community organisation. 

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